As the nations oldest operating name in dump truck equipment, Galion-Godwin Truck Body Co. is one of the most recognizable names in the truck industry. Galion has a long standing reputation for consistent quality and industry leading product innovation at competitive pricing. Being a top level truck equipment manufacturer for over a century doesn't happen by accident. Attention to detail and constant improvement is our formula for success.

Solid Steel Bodies

Gallion Godwin Steel Dump Bodies

Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey's most trusted dump body!

This body features a 3/16" high tensile steel floor, 10 gauge high tensile tailgate, head sheets and sides. Front corner posts, smooth sides, full depth rear corner posts, crossmemberless understructure, and boxed "material-shedding" top rails are also standard.

Stainless Steel Bodies

Gallion Godwin Steel Dump Bodies

10 Gauge High Tensile Steel

The Galion 433U smooth side body is especially designed for heavy-duty hauling requirements. It is well-suited for construction work, aggregate hauling and bucket loading. All units are built of tough high tensile stainless steel to virtually outlast and outperform all others. Recommended for single axle underbody hoist applications.

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