As simple as they seem, trailers are a highly thought out piece of equipment utilizing high-tech manufacturing processes, materials, and designs. Taking it one step further, they also have to look as good as they perform. These are the reasons others seem to always compare themselves to Towmaster. Towmaster has a history of proven product, designs, and aesthetics.

Drop Deck Trailers

Towmaster Drop Deck Trailers South Jersey HA DeHart

The ultimate transport drop deck trailer in South Jersey

The Towmaster® T-series large drop-deck trailer is designed for hauling larger mid-sized equipment. This model is built on a stout cold-formed I-beam tongue and main frame and features a 3-inch lip around the deck. The oak wood deck is supported by strong 3-inch I-beam crossmembers and Dexter® Torflex® rubber torsion axles give it a smooth ride. This trailer features a bolt-on parking jack, LED lights, sealed wiring harness, spring-assist ramps, and a solid bar ramp hold-up.

Drop Deck Tilt Trailers

Towmaster Drop Deck Tilt Trailers South Jersey HA DeHart

The ultimate enclosed utility body.

The Towmaster® drop-deck tilt trailers are popular with rental dealers and small contractors. There are no ramps to hassle with; simply tilt the deck and drive on or off. This trailer is built on our cold-formed I-beam tongue and main frame for tough durability. The tilt deck trailer features a single lever twin-latch system, knife-edge approach plate, rubber-ride axles and adjustable hitch. A deck cushion cylinder eases the deck back into transport position and prevents equipment from slamming the deck down.

Hydraulic Dump Trailers

Towmaster Hydraulic Dump Trailers

The ultimate dump trailer for hauling debris 

Our hydraulic dump trailers are perfect for hauling your skid-loader to the job site, carrying dirt, sand or debris, then hauling your skid-loader back home. Towmaster’s  T-HD trailers feature a power-up/gravity-down hydraulic hoist, stake pockets and D-ring tie-downs, three-way double doors rear gate, and storable ramps. Tarp securement rods are standard. A poly box houses the self-contained hydraulic system; power from the vehicle is not required. Pallet fork holders and other options available.

Deck Over Trailers

Towmaster Deck Over Trailers Philadelphia

The #1 choice in South Jersey for equipment transportation! 

The premium line of Towmaster® deck-over trailers has proven to offer durability, longevity and style that other brands try to emulate. Our build quality and design creates a trailer that is easy to own and easy to maintain. They are built on our famous I-Beam main frame with a 20-foot deck and self-cleaning angle iron beavertail. Two-way spring-assist ramps are standard on all Towmaster® T-series deck-over models.

Deck Over Tilt Trailers

Equipment Tilt Trailers South Jersey

Convenience & durability! 

The Towmaster® deck-over tilt trailers offer convenience and durability. There are no ramps to hassle with, simply tilt the deck, drive on or off and level the deck back down. It features our patented automatic kick-out ramp that doubles as an under-ride protection bumper. The tilt deck trailer features a single-lever twin-latch system and adjustable hitch. This model has rubber-ride axles for a smooth pull. A deck cushion cylinder eases the deck back into transport position and prevents equipment from slamming the deck down.

Rigid Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck Trailer South Jersey Towmaster

For the heavy heavy haul

The Towmaster® T-50RG and T-70RG Rigid Gooseneck trailers are ready to haul your heavy equipment behind your fifth-wheel tractor.  They feature dual axles, two-way spring-assist ramps, Hutchens suspension and sealed wiring. A 10-foot top deck can haul a skid-loader or other smaller equipment (optional loading ramps required). A triple axle is available on the T-70RG. Some optional equipment may be shown in photos.

Hydraulic Tail 

Towmaster Hydraulic Trail Trailer HA DeHart

Designed with the rental & construction industries in midn!

The T-70HT and T-110HT trailers by Towmaster® are designed for the rental and construction industries. They feature a perimeter frame design, a fifth-wheel gooseneck with top deck, hydraulic folding tail, and 12,000 lb. winch. LED lights, Angelim Pedra wood deck, hi-tensile fabricated steel beam frame, dual parking jacks, and driver side controls are also standard. Several configurations and options are available.

Detachable Gooseneck Trailer

State of the art industrial trailer.

The Towmaster® detachable gooseneck trailers are a state-of-the-art design with modular frame construction. This detachable gooseneck trailer offers more convenient features to make loading or unloading quick and easy. The fit and finish is unmatched as the entire trailer is pre-painted before assembly and decking for a professional, clean look. The Towmaster® detachable is completely designed and built at our factory, so you can be sure you are getting a genuine quality Towmaster® Trailer.

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