American Road Machinery offers a complete line of heavy duty snow plow systems and integrated custom upfit solutions, built to withstand years of service on city streets, rural roads, or interstate highways under the worst snow and ice conditions. American Road Machinery state of the art manufacturing and upfit facility located in Canton, Ohio covers 88,000 sq. ft. on 10 acres of land. With the latest in CNC burning and forming capabilities, assembly bays, finishing and painting systems all coupled with 3D computer-aided design, we design and build the equipment you need.

Triton Snow Plows

American Roads Machinery Snow Plows

Straight Moldboard Series 

Triton snow plows by American Road Machinery combine both durability and versatility to build the perfect clearing solution for both open highway and city street applications. The Triton system can be tailored to the specific way you want to clear snow.

Hercules Snow Plows

American Roads Machinery Snow Plows

One Way Snowplow Series 

Hercules Snow Plow lifts and curls snow and reduces throwing snow too far which is perfect for rural roadways. This plow also reduces snow blowing back onto windshields.

Atlas Snow Plows

American Roads Machinery Snow Plows


Medium Duty Trucks

Ideal for commercial vehicles clearing driveways, parking lots, cul-de-sacs and side roads, the Atlas Snow Plow provides a tough solution with all the features of the big guys.

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